Web access to the files on your phone.

Transfer files to your PC, share files with others, all through a web browser. Full privacy, without uploading to the cloud.

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It's a file server on your phone, with access from a web browser.

Stop uploading to the cloud what you can serve from your phone.

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Zero setup experience

No IP addresses or ports, no firewall settings, no passwords. Just install the app.

Works over Internet or WiFi

Whether you're at home or away, your files are always accessible.  

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No limits typical for the cloud

Transfer files of any size or type, unlimited connections, high speed on your local WiFi.

Better privacy and security

No sign-ups, no accounts, end-to-end encryption, secure access without passwords.



Full Access, Wherever You Need

With Recall you don't have to install anything to a PC or laptop to access your files. Just go to web.recall.im, scan a QR-code, and you can list, search, preview and download your files. End-to-end encryption, no passwords to lose.

    No limits
    Zero setup
    Full control
    Better privacy
    Works on local networks
    Access from any web browser
    Works seamlessly in the background


Share With a Link, Without Uploading

Isn't it annoying to wait for your attachment to upload before you can send that urgent email? With Recall, there is no cloud, no uploading, and no waiting, get a shareable link within the app and send it over immediately!

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    Files or Folders

    You don't have to create an archive to attach a folder. Make any folder tree accessible with the Recall link. 

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    No size limits

    No matter how big your files are, you can share them! An interrupted download will resume when you re-connect.

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    One or Many

    A single shareable link can give access to any number of files or folders that you've selected within the Recall app.

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    Works in Any Browser

    A server-less JavaScript-based client will download the files from your phone over an end-to-end encrypted channel.



Replace Several Apps With Recall

  • AirDroid or Pushbullet transfer files between your phone and PC. 

    With Recall you can connect to your phone from a web browser on your PC and get access to all your files. No accounts, no sign ups, no limits.

  • Google Files or ShareIt can send big files on the local network.

    With Recall your data is sent over the local network whenever possible. Just connect to the same WiFi to get the transfer speed boost.

  • Dropbox or Google Drive are used to share files over the Internet.

    With Recall your chosen files are shared with a link that works in any browser, the user experience is similar to the cloud providers, with a better privacy.


No More Scrolling To Find That File!

Built-in file search makes it trivial to find the files to share. The search works in the app and in the browser client, making the bunch of files you shared searchable!

  • File names

    Good old search by file name.

  • Images

    Text recognition on pictures and photos.

  • Video/audio

    Speech recognition for audio and video files.

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    Office docs, PDFs and other textual formats.


Common Questions

Is Recall secure?

Recall is more secure than any cloud service like Gmail, Google Drive or AirDroid. There are no passwords to lose for you, and there is no central place where all passwords are stored which might be hacked. Instead, all connections and access are checked with strong cryptographic mechanisms. 

Will I get hacked?

Recall app does NOT make your phone open to all of the public Internet. Connecting to your phone from outside of your local network requires coordination with Recall servers, which will protect you from most possible attacks. 

Will my phone get slow?

You should not see any performance degradation unless you are servicing hundreds of simultaneous downloads, which is very unlikely. The only drawback from using Recall might be the slight increase in battery consumption, as the app is running in background 24/7. 

Why are Cloud services bad?

Cloud services are bad in the long term: they rely on passwords which are insecure, they abuse their access to your data, and they are unsustainable due to growing storage costs and cannot stay free. Recall does not have all these issues and so is a much better long term solution for getting remote access to your files.

Will I pay much for traffic?

If you do not have an unlimited mobile data plan then you might be charged for serving files straight from your phone. We recommend you to carefully consider whether Recall is for you in this regard, and if you have concerns or ideas - please, tell us about them!

Why is Recall free?

Recall app does not store your data, and our servers only coordinate the connections between devices, without relaying all of your data. In fact our explicit goal is to make file sharing as direct as possible and bypass Recall servers. This way we keep our costs very low. Eventually we'll add paid features, but what you see today will remain free.

Get Access To Your Files In a Web Browser!

Try now! It is free, and no ads.


Not Ready to Try Yet? Check Out What's Coming.

There is much more on the roadmap, just stay tuned!

iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux

Install the Recall app on all of your devices and get them connected. Transferring files between connected devices becomes even more efficient. Coming soon

Peer-to-peer network protocol

WebRTC-based p2p communication between the browser client and the Recall app, much more efficient, and more private. Coming soon

Embed your files into any web page

Embed shared files into any web page to self-host your photo gallery, video clips or audio recordings, or to let your website visitors upload files straight into your device. Coming soon


JavaScript client SDK

Use the SDK to access your phone file server from your own browser-based or Node.js apps, using APIs to list, search, preview, upload or download files. Coming soon

Host web applications

Self-host single-page web applications on your devices, with your own domain name, with your content never uploaded to any third parties. Coming soon

puzzle, plugin, pieces

Create server plugins

Extend server APIs with JavaScript-based plugins, to turn your phone from a file-server into a general purpose application server. Coming soon

Build your personal cloud

Connect your devices to get your personal file serving cloud: improve availability with replication, manage free storage space, load balance the network connections, all with zero-setup, working seamlessly in the background. Coming soon

Scale serving capacity

BitTorrent protocol support with WebTorrent-based client in the browser to scale the serving capacity for popular content. Coming soon

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