We're building Google Photos for privacy-minded people

Manage your family memories without giving away your private data or paying for cloud storage.

Recall can help you manage your photographs and videos with full privacy, using your existing hardware for data storage:

● save space on your phone by backing up your photos to your PC or laptop, in original quality● access your full photo collection stored at home from your phone● organize photos into albums, manage duplicates across your devices● share albums with family members and friends, with pictures transferred in original quality● search and organize pictures by text, location, faces, etc● encrypted backups of the most important pictures, stored on family devices or in the cloud● no custom data formats, no sign ups, no passwords, no account bans, no lock in● your pictures are just files on your own hardware, accessible as usual to any other app

Why are we building Recall?

Have you been worried about using the cloud photo storage services? We understand you! We are seeing lots of issues with the cloud services managed by big corporations: complete lack of privacy, hacks and millions of stolen passwords, leaked sensitive pictures and other data, account bans, policy changes, ad tracking... That's not news if you pay attention.
Cloud photo services do provide great user benefits. Take Google Photos: you can save space on your phone by moving your pictures to the cloud, you can share pictures with family members, you have fancy search and slideshows, etc. It even used to be free! However, today you have to pay for the storage, and it turns out your most valuable data, your memories and best moments, are not really safe in the cloud.
With Recall we'd like to provide the same great user experience and features without taking control of your data and forcing you to pay for it.
Imagine you bought the newest smartphone for 700$. Around 15% of the phone hardware costs are the high quality camera sensors. The size of every single picture you take ranges from 5Mb up to 30Mb for RAW formats. These are very high quality photographs, capturing your most precious memories that you intend to enjoy decades in the future. 
Why would you move them to the free cloud photo services that will compress your pictures and lose most of the quality? Why did you pay for that high quality camera? Compressed pictures might look fine on your current hardware, but what happens in 10 years when screens become bigger? If you choose to pay for the extra cloud storage and unlimited quality, how much would your 10-year photo archive cost every month? And what if your account is banned for some ridiculous reason, and you lose it all?
We want your memories to stay yours, in the original quality, even 50 years from now!

Problems we're solving

● Save space on your phone. New pictures you take are automatically exported to your desktop computer, in original quality. You home WiFi is used if you prefer it over the mobile internet. Older pictures on your phone are then compressed to release the storage space and still have offline access to all your photos in a good quality. Filenames and metadata (EXIF tags) are all retained, your compressed pictures are available to all other apps just as the originals.● Access the full photo archive on any device. So you've collected a hundred gigabytes of pictures on your PC? Organized them into folders and filtered and left the very best ones? Too bad you couldn't access your archive on your phone! With Recall you can setup access to specific folders, and the app will be seamlessly exporting the compressed good quality copies from your PC archive to the phone. File names, folder structure and image metadata are retained, all pictures are available for use in your other mobile apps.● Send pictures or videos to family and friends in the original quality. Most of the services we use for daily photo sharing (email, messengers, social media) will compress your pictures, impose file size limitations, and waste your mobile internet traffic. With Recall you can send pictures and videos in the original quality, without limits on file size, over the internet or the local WiFi.● Organize and share albums. Group your pictures into albums without creating duplicates. Then share albums with family members, and even let them add their own pictures. Files are synchronized in the background to every album member in the original quality, over the local WiFi if it's available. Image metadata can be retained, or can be cut to avoid sharing sensitive data like the GPS coordinates.● Search photos by text, face, location or scene. This fancy AI-powered search that cloud photo services are praised for? These technologies can now work locally on your devices, without uploading your data to the cloud.● Backup the most important staff. You can setup automatic backups across your devices in the original quality to make sure that the most important memories, documents or evidence are safe against hardware failures. You can do periodic incremental backups to an external hard drive. You can even store encrypted backups in the cloud if you prefer, to protect from disasters but still retain your full privacy.

How it works

Recall is built around the idea of peer-to-peer communication between your devices. All data is transferred in an end-to-end encrypted form, so no third party can get access to your pictures. Recall servers only help your devices establish connections, and may relay encrypted traffic in cases where direct communication is impossible. We do not bear the costs of storing your data, managing access to it or moderating it.
Besides, Recall does not need you to sign up with your real identity or even an email address - the app works right after you download it. This means that Recall does not know who you communicate with, not their emails, not their phone numbers, just some random id. This is a better level of privacy compared to many popular apps, like Signal, which knows the phone numbers of everyone you talk to.
We don't show you ads and don't use third-party tracking libraries to avoid leaking your data to mega corps. We ask you to pay a flat yearly subscription fee, much cheaper than the minimal cloud storage offerings. This way our interests are perfectly aligned, and your expenses stay the same even while your photo archive is growing.

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