Recall is a smart search on your phone.

Search through your pictures, voice messages, documents and much more!

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Image search

Recall detects text on images and matches it with your search phrase.

Audio search

Recall converts speech to text in audio and video, so you can search your voice messages, call recordings, podcasts and movies.

Meme search 😃

No more scrolling through your meme collection, just type the search phrase and go post it!

Bookmark files

Mark important files to access them in a couple of taps!

Recent files

Newest downloads, photo shots and other files are on the homescreen.


Smart search

Textual search

Recall can find textual documents that mention your search phrase. Search by file name or extension works too.

Image search

Recall performs text recognition on images and can find pictures and photos with mentions of your search phrase.

Voice and video search

Recall recognizes speech in audio and video files and can find voice messages, podcasts, call recordings and more.

Privacy matters!

Your files and search phrases never leave your device. Recall is not tracking your private life, as big corps usually do.

Recent files

Recently downloaded files and documents, photos and videos, are all available on the first screen for your convenience.

Files type filters

All files are grouped by type (images, audio, video, docs, etc), and file type filters are added to search results with a single tap.

Bookmarked files

Bookmark the documents you're actively working on, and have them listed in a separate tab, and more visible in search results.

Search in WhatsApp

Search through files received on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other messengers. No more scrolling through dialogs!

File picker

Recall can be called from WhatsApp, Gmail and other apps as a file picker. Now attaching that file becomes even more convenient!


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  • Why do I need a search app?

    If you're tired of scrolling through your pictures and documents, then Recall is for you. No more digging through folders and apps, trying to figure out where the most recently download file has gone. Just type a word or two that you expect to have in the document or the picture, and Recall will find it, instantly!

  • No, your files or search phrases never leave your device. Recall app is built with privacy as the primary focus, and processing happens on the phone. You can be sure that your private life, data and interests will not be used to sell you ads or any other nasty things that big corps love to do.

  • Recall detects text on images and this way can find mentions of your search phrase. Our users find it very useful to search through pictures of documents, screenshots, memes, receipts and much more!

  • Recall converts speech to text in audio and video files and this way can find mentions of your search phrase. You can search through voice messages from WhatsApp and Telegram, phone call recordings, podcasts, video shots and much more!

  • Recall needs access to your files to be able to search through them. Don't worry, data from your files never leaves your device, and all processing happens on your phone. Privacy is our core value, and we only ask for permissions that are actually required for the app to function.